Grief Support Organizations

American Red Cross: a humanitarian organization led by volunteers that provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. Following an air crash the Red Cross coordinates and manages support services including but not limited to counseling and spiritual support.

American Self-Help Group Clearinghouse: maintains information on over 800 national, international, and demonstrational model self-help support groups, ideas for starting groups, and opportunities to link with others to develop new national or international groups.

American Association of Suicidology: is dedicated to the understanding and prevention of suicide. AAS promotes research, public awareness programs, and education and training for professionals and volunteers. In addition, it serves as a national clearinghouse for information on suicide.

The Compassionate Friends: offers friendship and understanding to families who are grieving the death of a child of any age, from any cause.

Disaster Psychiatry Outreach

Families of September 11: is a grief support organization composed of people who have lost loved ones at the Pentagon and World Trade Center, as well as families of Anthrax victims. The organization was founded by Carie Lemack, President, who lost her mother aboard American Airlines Flight 11.

Fiancees & Domestic Partners of 9/11: An organization created to emotionally support those who lost loved ones on 9/11 who were in committed relationships with life partners, but were not legally married. E-mail:

GriefNet: an internet community of people dealing with grief and major loss. They have support groups for both adults and children that deal with many different types of loss. There is also a resource section, a place for Memorials, a library, a bookstore, newsletter and a daughter site for children, KIDSAID.

Hospice Caring, Inc.: offers on-going group support, including caregivers’ support groups and various bereavement support groups free of charge in the Montgomery County, Maryland Area.

Hospice Foundation of America: a non-profit, grassroots foundation dedicated to providing leadership in the application of hospice principles, informing the public about end-of-life care, and training health care workers and the families they serve in issues related to loss.

Hospice Net: is a volunteer hospice organization serving Montgomery County, Maryland.

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc.: is dedicated to stress prevention, education and support services for emergency services professions, organizations and individuals with the purpose of mitigating the impact of Critical Incident Stress (Traumatic Stress).

International Theos Foundation: An international support network for recently widowed men and women; to sponsor programs and provide services to help participants work through their immediate grief and cope with day-to-day practical concerns of widowhood.

Jenna Druck Center: “Creating Community, Transforming Lives” – a community of sensitive and skilled volunteers and professionals, many of whom have lost children themselves. Our non-profit programs, begun in 1996 by a grief stricken father are designed specifically to help families after the sudden loss of a child. The programs are based on a deep respect and compassion for each individual and family.

Lamenting Sons – Fathers & Grief: Thoughts and resources for bereaved parents and ideas about traumatic loss.

Light Aircraft Bereavement Support (LACBS)

Mental Help Net: Provides an extensive on-line list of bereavement organizations.

National Air Disaster Alliance / Foundation: Dedicated to raising the standard of safety, security and survivability for commercial aviation passengers and for support of victim’s families.

Rainbows International: A not-for-profit, international organization that offers training and curricula for establishing peer support groups in churches, synagogues, schools or social agencies. These curricula are available for children and adults of all ages and religious denominations who are grieving a death, divorce or any other painful transition in their family.

Safe-Skies International: Aviation professionals who provide news, safety awareness, aviation knowledge and regulatory insight for the flying public. It includes a resource page for Families and Friends of Aviation Accident Victims.

The Salvation Army: mission is universal in its desire to serve God, care for all mankind and propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Samaritans: a suicide prevention hotline, seeks to alleviate human misery, loneliness, despair, and depression by listening, by “being there,” for those who feel they have no one else to turn to, to understand and accept them.

September’s Mission: An organization which honors the memories of those who perished on 9/11. The goal of the organization is to help the victims’ families stay connected and to support the development of a memorial park on the former site of the World Trade Center.

TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Inc.): to educate military survivors about the grief process and the traumatic effects that can follow the loss of a loved one to sudden, often violent death. To provide peer support through a national network of military survivors. TAPS serves all those affected by a death in the line of military duty and works with parents, children, spouses, and friends.

Twinless Twin Support Group Mutual: founded for one single purpose – to serve in support of twins (all multiple births) who suffer from the loss of companionship of their twin through death, estrangement, or in-utero loss.

WidowNet: An information and support resource for, and by, widows and widowers. Topics covered include grief, bereavement, recovery, and other information helpful to those who have suffered the death of a spouse.

The September 11th Education Trust: a support network for the families and friends of the victims and the living victims of September 11, 2001.

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    Families We Have Helped:

    Below are some of the air disasters that we have responded to:
    Private Plane - 9/26/12
    Rockingham County, VA
    Private Plane - 2/27/11
    Abu Dhabi
    Private Plane - 12/22/10
    Barrington, NY
    Private Plane - 7/17/10
    South Portland, ME
    Air India Express 812 - 5/22/10
    Mangalore, India
    Afriqiyah Airways 8U771- 5/12/10
    Tripoli, Libya
    Ethiopian Airlines 409 - 1/25/10
    Off of Na'ameh, Lebanon
    Air France Flight 447 - 6/1/09
    Atlantic Ocean
    Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 - 2/25/09
    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
    Continental Flight 3407 - 2/12/09
    Clarence Center, NY
    US Airways Flight 1549 - 1/15/09
    Hudson River, NY
    Aeroflot Flight 821 - 9/14/08
    Perm, Russia
    Spanair JK 5022 - 8/20/08
    Madrid, Spain
    TAM Airways JJ 3054 - 7/17/07
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Comair Flight 5191 - 8/27/06
    Lexington, KY
    Airbus A320-211 - 5/3/06
    Off Sochi, Russia
    Bellview Airlines - 10/23/05
    West Caribbean Airways 708 - 8/16/05
    Machiques, Venezuela
    Air France Flight 358 - 8/2/05
    Ontario, Canada
    Kam Air Flight 904 - 2/3/05
    Pamir Mountains, Afghanistan
    Corporate Airlines 5966 - 10/19/04
    Pettis Township, MO
    Kish Airlines Flight 1770 - 2/10/04
    United Arab Emirates
    Georgian Express Flight 126 - 1/17/04
    Ontario, Canada
    Flash Airlines 604 - 1/3/04

    Red Sea

    Turkish Airlines 634 - 1/8/03

    Diyarbakır Airport, Turkey

    US Airways Express/Air Midwest Flight 5481 - 1/8/03

    Charlotte, NC

    American Flight 587 - 11/12/01

    Queens, NY

    The events of September 11, 2001

    Private Plane - 12/3/00
    Milltown, WI
    Singapore Airlines 006 - 10/31/00

    Chiang Kai-shek Internat'l Airport

    Gulf Air Bus A320 - 8/23/00

    Persian Gulf, Bahrain

    Air France Concorde 4590 - 7/25/00

    Gonesse, France

    Alaska Airlines 261 - 1/31/00

    Pacific Ocean

    Egypt Air 990 - 10/31/99

    Atlantic Ocean

    American Airlines 1420 - 6/1/99

    Little Rock, AR

    Swissair 111 - 9/2/98

    Atlantic Ocean

    Private Plane - 8/4/98
    Phillips, WI
    TWA 800 - 7/17/96

    US Air 427 9/8/94

    Allegheny County, PA

    Long Island, NY

    Pan Am 103 - 12/21/88

    Lockerbie, Scotland

    TWA/United Airlines - Mid-Air Collision- 12/16/1960
    Brooklyn & Staten Island, NY
    and hundreds of other private, commercial and military air disasters

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