Cori Wells Braun

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In Loving Memory of Cori Wells Braun, longest acting
board member, mentor and friend of ACCESS

by Heidi Snow, Founder and Executive Director of ACCESS

Life is a complex series of paths. I am so grateful that Cori’s path crossed ours.  I will never forget the day she made a call to ACCESS almost 20 years ago and shared the story of losing her dear father in a plane crash when she was only 9, when a TWA plane and a United plane collided and crashed in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York in 1960. She became an ACCESS grief mentor and an integral part of the growth of ACCESS and she generously shared the hardships and lessons she learned with everyone that she helped at ACCESS. She spoke in her calm voice, which later became the voice of my closest friend and the role model for all our grief mentors at ACCESS. She has walked with us since that first interaction almost 20 years ago.  We spent so much time together as she was our advisor as we grew ACCESS. She was beside us at every ACCESS meeting. She patiently coached and encouraged us and always had just right words when she mentored so many who lost loved ones in air disasters. Her personality was magnetic in helping others navigate their lives after tragic loss. She was that most incredible and thoughtful listener, always opening her heart and sharing her quiet powerful wisdom. For nearly 20 years, this gentle spirit has been a part of our charity and was at every grief mentor training program across the country and she was at every board meeting. Most importantly she has always been there with her enormous heart and unconditional love in the most difficult situations. She was the one behind us as we introduced ACCESS to the world. She was also a part of our daily lives. She was that person to whom each of us could turn to no matter what and she made it better. 
She was the unexpected bouquet of flowers amidst the fog. We have lost that one big sister and mama bear who would accept everyone unconditionally no matter how broken they felt. For those who called ACCESS, her quiet presence was the quiet sunrise after the dark night. They could always call her and she would always help. She would listen for hours as they shared joy, hardship and challenges and she would quietly sprinkle them with her wisdom as she played back their dilemma and weighed their options. Cori always had the right answer and made everything better, no matter how difficult the situation.
Our paths crossed out of tragedy, because she and her brother Miles lost their father in a plane crash in 1960 when she was 9 and Miles was 4. Her father imbued her with a love of art and photography. She always said that although his remains were never recovered, this was his legacy that she shared with the world as she took it on as her own passion and profession. 
Cori said, “ACCESS allows me to honor my father by helping other people to make it through more easily than they may have otherwise”.  So now the pendulum has swung the other way and ACCESS will go forward to honor Cori by helping others using her as the standard.
God bless her friends and family as we grieve the loss of our loving and generous mentor and confidante—never to be replaced. 

Thank you, Cori, for being there and for being an ongoing inspiration for all of us who knew you.

Thank you, gentle spirit.

Thank you for generously donating to ACCESS in memory of Cori.

We are so grateful to you for your kind support.

Miles Braun
Heidi & Arthur Cinader
Marcia Ganeles
Beth Olmstead
Dr. Susan Snow
Mr. Philip A. Straus
Marjorie Alpert Torgan
Sheila Vincent


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